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    • CommentAuthorrocky
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2007
    I am building a grotto in a sub- terainian pre poured chlorinated pool and spa environment. If I shot crete the under water rock feature , how much time do I have to sculpt and manipulate the shot ? Will adding dark coloring to the shot, as a base color, top accents and acryl 90 work well togther under swimming pool water ?

    Looking forward to your enlightend answer
    Happy Sculpting!
    Hi Rocky,

    I see now what you are referring to. I do not have time to answer in detail right now but in case you are needing to proceed right away, I do not recomend sculpting the shotcrete. It is not the rigt mix for sculpting and the time constraints are too much especially if you are not completely familiar with how to sculpt rocks.

    Everyone likes to do things differently to be sure - I would recommend that you shoot the strutural base of your whole rock feature left to a very rough finish. Basically you do not evenneed to float it at this stage. Just shoot the basic structure so that the entire piece is uniform in strength and add your sculpting mix over top of the shotcrete at your own speed using an onsite mixer. This will give you plenty of time to experiment with your sculpting. th only things to remember is to make sure that you bond the sculpting mix to the base coat (make the base coat wet directly before applying sculpting mix) and also when you finish for the day be sure to leave your work finished at a fissure so that the cold joint will not be visible in your finished product.

    I will write again soon - if you have any other input you would like me to consider please feel free to post it here.


    Coastal Concepts
    Steve Goodale
    Serendipity Pools & Artificial Rock
    • CommentAuthorrocky
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2007
    Thanks Steve
    What kind of coloring do I use to achieve a color base ( dark) That will hold up under water in a pool and hot tub environment. As long as I can get a dark base then I will High light with lighter colors. Idealy I would like to use purple, black, brown and a miltiple of greys.
    It's great to have a pro like yourself , to throw questions at and actually have them answered ! What a pleasure.