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    project is to build a waterfall about 10'' tall and 10 '' wide . this is quite different than using the system on you tutorial for outdoor . there are so many ways to go by that it is harder to choose than almost starting . so here it is.
    i see that you use small amount of cement in your hand to build up your concrete shape . but that is for a small piece. what do you propose for bigger pieces . also counting only 2 guys to work on that project. on other sites , they propose to put a coat first and then when dried , use a second coat and texture . they use a spray gun for the 1st coat {gunite}. once the 2nd coat is laid on with a trowel, they start to texture it and immediatly apply a texture stamp on it with a release agent like a powder. what do you think of that and what would you do yourself to make it as simple as possible .
    notice that i might not be able to do the whole structure of concrete in one day . so how would you go by . thanks
    oh , yes, i would use styrofoam and wood as support.
    Happy Sculpting!
    Did you mean to say that your waterfall is ten feet wide by ten feet tall? Or was your notation for inches accurate?

    Assuming that you meant 10' I would agree that a shotcrete would be required in order to have the structural integrity in the overall waterfall. This is the standard method for a large waterfall other than pressing in a colored release agent which I would not recommend. Please note that you would NOT use wood or styrofoam for the form for this type of construction.

    You would need to build a structural steel skeleton, apply stucco lathe from behind and 2" reinforcing wore overtop. The fact that you would need to shotcrete or gunite this application makes it unsuitable for any home builders. Shotcrete is a big deal, expensive and dangerous. If you are a home builder with big ambitions for construction like this I would recommed building using poured wall forms for your structural base. This will take much longer for the forming stage, but will eliminate the need to shotcrete.

    I hope this information is helpful

    Steve Goodale
    Serendipity Pools & Artificial Rock